Featuring duets with: Elton John, Rod Stewart, Kid Rock, Huey lewis, Francis Rossi, Bonnie Tyler, Willie Nelson, Joe Walsh & many more!

"In 77 or 78 when we signed with Chrysalis Records, we went over to the head of the label's house for dinner. They sent me all the Chrysalis records and they were mostly new punk bands or long haired stuff, and then this Frankie Miller record, which was like rhythm and bluesy and fabulous. I was an instant fan."
Huey Lewis
"In 1973 I was in a band called 'Ace' and we were down at the Hope & Anchor trying to hustle a gig. We walked in and Frankie was rehearsing. He just absolutely knocked my socks off and we thought, 'Oh dear - back to the drawing board!'"
Paul Carrack
"The first time I saw him sing, he was playing at a pub in Richmond and he did an Otis Redding song called 'These Arms of Mine'. He did it so well it actually brought a tear to my eye."
Rod Stewart

Frankie Miller is one of those undiscovered gems: an artist who many won’t know by name, though they will know his music when they hear it. Having been covered by everyone from Rod Stewart to Ray Charles, The Traveling Wilburys to Etta James, Johnny Cash to Roy Orbison, his songs have become part of the musical landscape, even as most listeners would struggle to name the talent behind them.

When Miller suffered a brain haemorrhage, in 1994, it seemed that he was forever doomed to remain in the shadows: an unsung hero beloved by other musicians, though hardly the household name he deserved to be. Yet, in his 28-year career, Miller impressed many of the biggest names in music – after all, the Glasgow-born songwriter boasted a versatile talent; he was as comfortable singing lead vocals for Procol Harum as he was duetting with rock icon Phil Lynott on Thin Lizzy’s ‘Still In Love With You’, or working in New Orleans with soul legend Allen Toussaint.

With input from artists as varied as Elton John, Willie Nelson, rock icons Joe Walsh and Kid Rock, and Southern soul guitarist Steve Cropper, the demos have been worked up into finished songs that retain the integrity of Miller’s original recordings. “The response was overwhelming,” Mackay says, noting that “Elton John thought ‘Where Do The Guilty Go’ was a classic”. Fittingly, the collection is rounded off by ‘I Do’, a solo Miller track.

Available on both CD and 2LP, a CD+DVD edition also includes the documentary Frankie Miller: Sending Me Angels. Tracing Miller’s remarkable career, from Glasgow-born vocalist to adored talent respected by music icons the world over, it gives his biggest, most famous fans the chance to explain why Miller remains so important to them.


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